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Sunday, 1 December 2013

The stylish thing, when you are ONE is to smash your cake!

So as my son approached his first birthday I thought about how we were going to celebrate! I decided on a few things but one of those was a cake smash! I wanted to do this and decided that I would take my own photos.  I also decided to do the cake smash not on his birthday but a few days before and not on his party as from experience working with kids nothing ever goes to plan and you never have enough time as it is.

First thing is first I needed a cake so I got to work and cooked my son a cake he could have great fun smashing! I also decided that I need an outfit for the occasion and the blue chevron tie and braces set was just the ticket to match my beautiful boy's blue eyes.  I sourced the outfit from a cute little business called Kids Prop Shop.

Then I made sure I set up a sheet so I could wrap up the mess and easily clean it up after he was finished.  Then it was as simple as putting him in front of the cake and letting him have a crack at it! As you can see from the photos he had a ball! It was heaps of fun and Henry enjoyed the squishy feeling of the icing in between his fingers.



As you can see my son had the best time and enjoyed himself especially the cake eating part.  When all said and done I now have some very cute pictures of my one year old just being himself! I believe that the time we spend with our children goes so quickly so don't for get to capture these moments as often as you can.