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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lemon And Lime Polka Dot Party

Oh what a lovely day for a tea party!! I just love the lemon and lime polka dot party range and decided to host a little girl's tea party for my daughter Miss C! I am very luck to have access to some wonderful gardens and set up the party on the lawn near a shady tree!

The beauty of this sweet little tea party was that it was just four little sweet girls sitting down and enjoying every moment from being dressed up to sipping on lemonade to eating their jelly cups and pop corn!

The green grass and trees the lemon and green polka dot lanterns just popped with colour!!  We were also so lucky to have our official photographer Tash from Natasha Lindsay Photography come along and take some beautiful photos!

I hand made the labels for the lemonade bottles and the little flags for the straws and the tooth pick flags.  I bought a few packets of gum balls  and sorted through the colours and placed in a lolly jar just for show.  I did the same with the smarties and placed in a mini muffin cup for each child. I find doing this helps bring colour to the table!
Tea Party Princess
By far the easiest and most yummiest according to my daughter was the yellow jelly in the green polka dot muffin cups. Popcorn in the cups is a great trick too as it is the perfect size for little hands to hold and put their hands in.
 Tea Party Princess

As you can see the girls had a lovely time and enjoyed every moment of the tea party and were sad when it was over.  I enjoyed host the tea party because there was only four little girls and easy to make it special for them.
All of the products used above for this sweet little tea party can be purchased from H&C Stylish Kids Party Packs! Just contact me and I can put together a perfect  party pack for you know matter how big or small as in the photos above your party may be!  If you don't like these colours or maybe have another colour them in mind ask and I can see what I can do.