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Monday, 18 March 2013

Arrrrh Pirates!

This stylish birthday party was a labour of love for both of Rachel's daughters last year.  Rachel is the mother of two amazing little girls who loves to celebrate their lives with parties. Her girls shared with her their ideas and the theme they wanted and then the journey began.
Arrrrrh little pirate!

Rachel is a single mum on a tight budget so the pirate party was all done for $300 dollars.  Talk about being organised she spent a year searching for everything she needed and only got things if they were on sale/clearance or if it was free. She enjoys showing others how to party on a budget and proving that you can have a fabulous celebration without spending a fortune. 

The invitations were handmade using parchment paper that she burned the edges.

Beautiful south sea pearls of the candy buffet.

There were three tables were "ships"  with sails and treasure.


The kids made sensory bottles with "pirate" items.
Love this idea!!!

A treasure hunt for the kids that led them to the "buried" treasure chests full of favor bags.
Candy bags...... "X" marks the spot

Skull and Cross Bones.

All the banners, buntings, the majority of the props, sails and masts, favor bags were handmade by the talented Rachel.

Rachel has a party planning business


  1. This is fantastic....thanks for sharing it!

    1. No worries! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!


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