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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Shenanigans

Well what a beautiful Easter we have had!! It was my four month old son's first Easter and my daughter who has just turned two real first Easter where she understands and can participate in the Easter activites.  We also had a lovely surprise when my brother and his wife and their four children made a spare of the moment decision to come out from Brisbane to visit.  I have very fond memories of my cousins coming to visit when we were kids and all the interesting shenanigans we used to get up to.  So if warms my heart to finally have kids just the right age to play with my brother's kids.

We have a festival called Easter in the Country in a little town near us called Roma!  So we travelled into to Roma to go on a miniature train ride, watch a stage show "The Wizard of OZ" and go on a crazy Easter Egg hunt and finished the day with Beautiful Fish and Chips!

Today my two year old was introduced to Easter and lots and lots of chocolate! Last year she was only one and really had no idea about what Easter and chocolate was and we were happy to keep it that way! My two year old started the day with putting chocolate in her mouth, spitting it out and saying yuck to me taking the chocolate off her as she was stuffing it into her mouth saying more, more? Oh how a day makes a difference!

What a magically way to wake up this morning with two little bunnies out the front of our yard and kangaroos out the back, cockatoos flying over head and rain settling in for the day making a cool change and a lovely day. The bunnies were keeping their distance which is good I say as only a month ago we found a bunny in our yard which had been unfortunately killed by our puppies!! Dead Easter Bunny may have scar my daughter for life. 

So far this year our puppies have killed a brown snake, a bunny and a goanna.  Maybe I need a sign up animals enter at own risk!  The brown snake incident was when my son was a week old and ended up with two extremely expensive vet bills and one dead snake!  I would rather this then wondering if our puppies would or would not take on a snake.

This morning my husband then asked my two year old what she wanted for breakfast and she said "pink pancakes!" So we thought we would get creative and make her a pink bunny pancake. She thought this was yummy and had so much fun eating it!


Then our visitors arrived for the great Easter Egg hunt!! We had the kids running all over the yard trying to find Easter Eggs. We paired the younger kids with the older kids and told them they had to work as a team and help the younger ones!  This just about killed the older ones but they worked together just the same and had heaps of fun.

Typically thou just  we were setting up for lunch on the deck with the family including eight kids and eight adults, the rain starts to blow in and everything had to be moved inside. When the BBQ was just about finished and we were sitting down for lunch and a few wines the rain stops and we could of stayed out on the deck for lunch after all! So the photos of our Easter party are sadly missing in action due to the weather but not to worry!!!

After a few wines, lots of laughs and good food we settled into a lazy afternoon with the kids! Love relaxing at home with the family!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! What did you get up to? I would love to hear! Why not let me know how your Easter went!


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