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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Up Up and Away

The reason I began to become interested in parties was because of my kids. My son, Henry recently had his Christening and it was a wonderful and perfectly special day spent with family and friends. The theme of the party was Up Up and Away with hot air balloons and aero planes.


My little man Henry James on his Christening day and the name on his Christening Cake, such beautiful detail. 

Cake by Amy Brassinton Cakes

I worked with so many talented small businesses to put Henry's party together.  Without them the day would not have been possible. Planning a party is such fun!! I love all the details from the cake to the menu to the party invitations.  First this is first to decide on a theme and for my son’s Christening and I decided on Up Up and Away.  The colour scheme was a light blue chevron with red highlights. The invites which fitted the theme perfectly were the first thing I did. I love cute little invites as it sets the theme that carry's through to the party.

Next, I started to look for an outfit for my little boy and being a boy's Christening and given that my boy was not so little anymore I wanted something a little more stylish and didn't think a white christening gown was going to cut it. I ended up with a little ones that looked like a little suit. The aviator hat and ones can be ordered from H&C Stylish Kids Party Packs. 
I then contacted Jennifer at the Prettiest Print Shop and started to work with her designing the beautiful printables for the party.  Jennifer, a graphic designer and was wonderful through the whole process of designing the printables for Henry’s Christening.  Every little detail was discussed and my input was appreciated and nothing was too hard for her to design.  It was awesome to see my ideas come to life and made my party look so special.  If you would like to see more of Jennifer’s  work  or discuss with her an idea you have for a design for a party I am sure she will be only too happy to accommodate and help bring your idea to life!

Printables by Prettiest Print Shop
Now I normally make the cake and the cupcakes for my party but recently I have come across a couple of businesses that I have been dying to try out.  It is my belief that a cake is an important part of any party and it has to not only taste delicious but look awesome too.  Unfortunately my cake make skills don’t match my dream for the cake that I wanted for this party.  So started to search for someone to make the cake and what a talented lady I found. The lovely Amy  from Amy Brassington Cakes in Chinchilla, Queensland made this wonderful cake for Henry’s party and it tasted as good as it looked.    

Printables by the Prettiest Print Shop

As you can see the detail on the cake is just divine and was the talk of the party.  Make sure you book in advance as Amy wonderful talents as she is in high demand!


The cupcakes were another hit of the party with gooey jaffa centres they just melted in your mouth.  These were the creation of Nerrisa Binding from Simply Cupalicious, another very talented lady from Chinchilla.   Nerrisa's cupcakes had all guest wanting more especially the kids. I just love the detail of the plane pulling Henry's name.

Cupcakes by Simply Cupalicious

Nerrissa also made the aeroplane cake pops and these were also a huge hit with the kids especially the big kids at the party and I have to say it was money well spent. 

 Aerolanes Pops by Simply Cupalicious

The styling was done by myself but I have to admit without all of these wonderful businesses on board my party would not have been half as stylish.  I purchased a vintage hot air balloon for Henry’s room as well as a model aeroplane both things that he will have in his room for a long time to come.  The suitcases were also decorations from Henry’s Room.


My whole style was to feel like that you were at an airport and that you were looking out a window and out into the air and seeing the hot air balloons in the sky.   The doors I picked up second hand and painted them white so that I could lean them up against the wall and stick material between them.  On the material I bought clouds and hot air balloon decal wall stickers to stick on the material. 


The inflight menu and the hot spud menu was placed on little easels so that the guests could see what they were having for lunch.  The hot spud stations was an awesome idea.  For the hot spuds I got a fork and poked holes in them and cooked them in the microwave until cooked. I then put them in the oven (not on a tray) to crisp them up.  When we went to the church I just turned the oven off and they were still hot when we came home.  We could serve these straight away.    The rest of the sweets and treats I had little food labels to inform guests what they were eating. 

Printables by Prettiest Print Shop
I had a baggage claim area where people let their presents and a sing to inform them that if they left more than one present they would incur an excess baggage fee.  I also had a refuel area where drinks were served and a small lolly buffet where guests could fill their own thank you bags with lollies and thankyou chocolates.  

Printables by Prettiest Print Shop

Styled by H&C Stylish Kids Party Packs
We also had an arrival and departure board announcing the guest’s arrivals and where they were from.  Gate signs with arrows to direct them to the closest gate for arrivals and departures.   All of these printables from the Prettiest Print Shop are available by clicking on the following link

Printables by the Prettiest Print Shop
The hot air balloon lanterns I bought and took the original basket off and made tiny blue chevron bunting and glued them around the basket.  I then tied the basket on to the hot air balloon.  I think it made the hot air balloons look more life like.

A huge thank you must go to Karri from Karri Shannon Photography who took the wonderful photos of Henry's Christening and left us with wonderful memories of the day.




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