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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mad Scientist Party

I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Mindy from the blog Creative Juice!  A very talented lady who decided to host a MAD SCIENTIST Party for her son who turned two!! By the looks of it lots of fun was had by everyone involved including Mindy who dressed up as a mad scientist!  What a wonderful idea for a little boy's party and I have to confess that I just might use this one myself when my son gets a little older.  Mindy did a wonderful job on the decorations and all for approx. $50! Wow this just goes to show that you really can have a stylish party on a budget!
The mad scientist invited guest into the lab to participate in all sorts of experiments.  But first they had to go through the SANITIZING STATION!  What a brilliant, fun and cheap idea!  Each child went through the decontamination process where they put the lab coat costumes on and singed a laboratory wavier, sanitize their hands and took an antibiotic and past through the sanitizing shield (cut up plastic tablecloths hung from the ceiling) into the laboratory and ready to be help the mad scientist with her experiments!
What a crazy mad scientist!!! What an awesome mum dressing up to play the part of the mad scientist!
Budding scientist wait eagerly to participate in experiments. How cute do they look in their lab coat costumes and their sweet glasses and bow ties.
The look on Mindy's daughter's face is just priceless and says it all!  She is just so engaged and loving every moment of it! This is just one of the experiments that the Mad Scientist demonstrated at the party!
These little cupcake toppers are just to cute for words. Personally my favourite is the brain!!

This beautiful cake of the Scientific Periodic Table of elements just caps of a very stylish party.
If you want to see more photos and check out the experiments that the Mad Scientist performed at the party including elephant toothpaste, slime and fizzy balloons or you want to get the creative juices flowing visit Mindy's blog:
CREATIVE JUICE. What a talented lady!
If you would like to host a party like this then Mindy also has the link to the printables she used for the party on her blog!! 


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