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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Under Construction

This wonderful construction party was for a special little guy "Harrison" as he was a huge fan of diggers, construction and trucks.  He talented Mum Anna, decided to host a "Construction Party" for little Harrison for his 3rd birthday.

Anna handmade the invites using some coloured cards and she found some 'Digger/machine' wrapping paper and cut out the various trucks/diggers and used a stencil to write the words 'Under Construction".                                  
The excitement is ‘Building’...
And we’re gathering a crew...
We’re going to celebrate and we need you!
Please join us for
Harrison’s Construction Birthday Party

At the Lloyd Construction site: address
Your shift begins at Noon and finishes at 2pm on Saturday 13th October 2012
RSVP The Construction Supervisors Anna or Warren on (Phone Number) by 1st October

Plastic construction hats with the kids names to them was the dress code. Each child also received a 'Workman Pass!' As Anna is a photographer took photos of all of Harrison's friends added their cute faces to a 'Bob/ Wendy the builder body which she printed off the internet and coloured in texta as it and laminated the passes. She then attached some bright coloured 'rope' so the kids could wear the passes around their neck.

Each child got a 'workmen's lunch' which was a pre-packed lunch in a brown paper bag that contained 'a sandwich, a fruit strap,a packet of corn tubes (chips) and a box drink. On the brown paper bag Anna printed a tag that said 'workmen's lunch' and had a picture of either Bob or Wendy glued onto fluoro coloured paper depending on the child's gender.

Anna made a construction cake that she said was the simplest cake she had ever made and apparently she has made a few! It was a basic cake cooked in a round tin and when it was cool she cut some 'chunks' out to make it look like a quarry.  The icing was butter icing with a few yellow food colouring. She also added some chocolate covered sultanas to make it look like rocks and finally she smashed up some violet crumble and sprinkled it on top to make it look like rumble. Lastly she few men, trucks and signs and of course a truck, digger and a car and some candles.

This very talented lady also painted a beautiful keepsake and added the words "Harrison we dig you' and she got all of his little friends to add their hand prints to the picture...which is now hangs in Harrison's room and he loves looking at it. She then wrote the kids names next to their handprint in a black marker.

Activities included  finding things buried in the sandpit and a set of road works made form witches hats which the kids rode the bikes through.  The take home gift instead of lolly bags was a some small canvas from the $2 shop that Anna created a boarder with a blue marker for boys and a pink on for girls and their names.  Anna then set up a painting station set up so the kids could create their art work with their parent. By the time the party was over their art work was dry and they could take it home. So when they went home they had their artwork, their 'Crew pass' and their construction hat.

The Wooden Digger was made by Harrison's Grandfather for kids to have their photos in front of! What a beautiful touch and very special for little Harrison.

The beautiful family at Harrison special event. What a very special day for a very special boy!!!


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