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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welcome to the Greast Show on Earth - Harry's Carnival

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!!!
Harry's Carnival!

I love this theme it has the opportunity to be so fun!  This party was styled by my sister in law for my nephew HARRY! He had a wonderful party with a petting zoo, clowns and jumping castle to complete the carnival theme.

The brightly coloured theme was carried throughout the party from the invitations to the back drop to the cake and decorations. The invites were the tickets to the carnival and were taken from guests at the homemade ticket booth. 

Food at the party included hotdogs, fairy floss, popcorn, cookies, clown fizzie drinks and of course cake!

The entertainment at the party was lots of carnival games. Like at the carnival you participate in the game and win a prize like a lollypop. 

All the guest were encouraged to dress up and get in front of different back drops and get their photo taken.  A big beautiful golden frame was used to frame the guest's photos.  Lots of props were used including glasses, wigs,  

The multi-coloured layer cake was iced in red icing and fit perfectly with the theme.
The carnival theme is perfect for either boys or girls and for any age group.  Why not host a carnival party in your backyard or in a park near you for your next party.

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