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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Perfect gift for a little princess

This is Chole.... isn't she beautiful?
Chloe was lovingly handmade

by Hattie Willow in England, UK
Chloe has dark brown hair in a side ponytail made from fabric to make her easier to care for. Chloe has hand embroidered brown eyes and wears a removable dress made from a soft blue floral fabric decorated with a cute little pink ribbon bow.
Chloe's shoes are made from a lovely pink floral fabric and are non removable.  Chloe is safe for children of all ages and comes with a blank Hattie Willow birth certificate for her new owner to fill in all her details.

I just have to introduce you to the master mind behind Hattie Willow, Kristy Callanan!  She is an amazingly talented lady who makes hand made dolls. Kristy has always loved crafts ever since she can remember and bought her own very cheap very small very rubbish sewing machine when she was seventeen. At the age of twenty-five when she had her daughter Colbie like a lot of young mums felt the urge to sew again.

She wanted to make a patchwork blanket from her newborn clothes so she borrowed my Mum's sewing machine and made a start.  While looking for help on the internet Kristy stumbled on a sewing pattern for a very basic doll and decided to try that out.  She bought some other doll and softie patterns and fell in love with making dolls. 

Around May in 2010 Kristy realised she wanted to make a go of selling dolls so she bought a nice shiny new sewing machine now named Jessie and started to do some research, finalise her business name, logo's and finally a year later she opened her facebook page and made an online store through Etsy.

Kristy will always remember her first order which was for three custom dolls in June  of 2011 who were going to live in America. She nearly cried she was so excited but at the same time was so scared of sending her girls out in to the world in case she was the only one who loved them! How she could think I will never know.

After around six months and many dolls later Kristy decided that she wanted to make my own doll pattern so she stopped using the bought pattern which she had originally started with and designed her own, which is the pattern  she still uses today although it has evolved slightly as her sewing style has changed and moved forward over time.

Colbie, now four, still remains her chief tester and number one fan.  She has several of dolls from all the different stages of the sewing journey.

Kristy has been sewing now for two years and has lovingly handmade around three hundred dolls.  It is a labour of love and loves every minute of making dolls  from her home. What is fun about this story is that the patchwork quilt that sparked off Kristy's little adventure is still very much unfinished and she hasn't seen it for two years since she started her journey!

She is extremely talented and if you would like to see more of her work pop over to her facebook page Hattie Willow.  Make sure you tell her I sent you!


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