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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Planning The Perfect Party

Want to plan the perfect party for your little one but where to start I hear you say??  The main thing to remember is that no matter what as long as you make your little one feel special then they will love the party you plan.

When planning a stylish kids party you must take into account the following things
  • Who is the party for?
  • Select a date and time that is suitable for the type of party (For example a 1-2 year old parties are best to have in the morning when they are fresh so they don't get over stimulated.)
  • Duration - often for young children a 2 hour party will be a long enough time.
  • Who will I invite?
  • How many will I invite? (8-10 children is a good number for young children's parties)
  • Select the venue
  • What is the theme?
  • What food will I have?
  • What serving products do I need to serve this food?
  • What decorations do I need?
  • To say thankyou what will the guest take home?
  • How do I add that personal touch?

Remember planning the party is half the fun!! Think of the planning as a journey and the party the destination.

4 weeks out from the party - send out invitations
Make sure you include the following on the invite
  • Date
  • Time start and finish times
  • Venue
  • Anything they need to bring (e.g. togs and towel for a beach party)
  • Rsvp date, name and phone number

3 weeks out finalise what food and decorations are needed
2 weeks put together what you can e.g. thank-you gifts and call guests who haven't RSVP
Week of the party
  • Make a list of food you will need and buy. 
  • Any thing you haven't cooked before have a trial run e.g. cake
Day before the party
  • Cook all food that can be precooked e.g. cupcakes
Sweet and healthy idea for a party!!!
Get up early and organise what you can for example the decorations and setting up.
Finish preparing the food for the party.
Try to take 5 mins before your guest arrive to compose yourself and freshen up.
Most importantly enjoy the party, time with your guests and make sure your little one feels special and has fun!!!
Take lots of photos as it goes so quickly!!!
Send your stylish photos to H&C Stylish Kids Parties so we can share your party with others!

Being a Hostess is hard work but being organised is the key!! Make sure you enlist some helpers on the day to help with setting up, decorations! and helping with the food!!

Last but not least make sure your child thanks their guests for coming and gives them the thankyou gift personally.

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