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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sumbit a stylish party to our blog

I am looking for some stylish parties to blog about!  If you are interested in having your party on my blog, email the details  of your party to HCstylishkidspartypacks@gmail.com
The details I need to blog about your party need to include the party/event name, who the party was for, who styled the party, if there is a business attached so I can promote your work and redirect people to your business and finally a little detail about yourself!!  The more information you give me the easier it is to blog about you!  You also need to send lots of photos of your stylish party for me to use in the blog. 
I would love to hear some feedback from you!!  So comment on my blog about some of the things you would like to know or see will help me blog about the things that interest you!
So get emailing!!! I am looking forward to blogging about your beautiful parties!

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